The Arab-Hellenic Chamber is convening the 1st Arab-Hellenic Maritime Conference which will be held on 5-6 July 2023 at the Athenaeum Intercontinental Hotel, Athens. This Conference aims at exploring partnerships between Greek businessmen and their Arab counterparts in maritime, port, and relevant industries and services. It will further allow the two sides to open channels of communication, exchange their expertise, and investment opportunities in industrial zones, port development, dry dock for maintenance and shipbuilding, adding to that activating passenger ships and yachting for the Arab world and Greece and, most importantly, enhancing regional trade as a result of the high cost of energy and consumer goods, due to geopolitical conflicts.

Maritime transport accounts for 80% of world trade by volume and Greece plays a leading role in this domain, which results in Greece’s advanced fleet and modern port infrastructure. On the other hand, many Arab countries are asserting themselves in this strategic domain, especially in port development. This Conference will look into all the relevant issues and the challenges facing the Maritime Industry in general, high-energy prices, and environmental impact as a result of carbon uses and it will shed light on the recent technological developments in this industry.

The said event is officially supported by the Dubai Council for Marine and Maritime Industry (DCMMIEmirates).

For more information, visit the event website  & for the General Outlook of the event in Arabic & English and the participation form, please click the following:

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“1st Arab-Hellenic Maritime Conference” – 5th & 6th July 2023, Athenaeum Intercontinental Hotel, Athens