The development of marine and maritime industries has become a priority among the pioneers within the marine industry, which makes excellent contributions to the national economy and is an area of international importance.

The marine and offshore industries in the United Arab Emirates has been well-managed during the past three years, because of which, despite the adverse financial conditions and slowdown of global economies, the marine industry has emerged strongly on the back of infrastructure development and value addition to attract the largest offshore projects in the world, especially in oil, gas and marine energy.

At this point in time, many national institutions and companies in the United Arab Emirates play an active role both regionally or internationally in the repair and support of marine operations. In order to supplement international data, we should take the initiative towards the formation of a coalition of national marine and maritime industries.

The Council would represent the steady growth of the marine and maritime industries, attract investments and stimulate legal and legislative frameworks that are most appropriate for the desired development of the most important sectors within the marine and maritime industrial fields.

The Dubai Council for Marine and Maritime Industries